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EST. 1996   



There's a little witch in all of us

For all your witchcraft

needs and desires...

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Working with Madame Verveine

There are several ways you can work with Madame Verveine and each of these can be combined to give a full holistic life experience. Madame Verveine has been working in the industry since she was a small child ie 5 yrs and this has given her a good 30+ years insight. Madame Verveine and spirit are not love and lighters. You will receive accurate truth only however, there may be times where spirit calls or asks for tact or gentleness - we believe and trust in the process as it has never failed those clients who have listened and acted out on advice and insight that has come through. MV works worldwide in person and online.

Working with Madame Verveine is an intimate experience that some describe as life changing for the greater good. Empowering channelled guidance clears the way for a better life & confident decision making.

Through a mix of spirit guided reiki, scanning, crystals, cleansing, we restore the balance needed to best serve you and your life purpose. Medical, health and associated issues are explored as well.

Whether you are just starting out or already established, Madame Verveine will help guide you spiritually through the processes of building your heart felt empire, no matter what it is.

Like minded souls meet in person and online to create heart felt witchy soul connections... we cover many types of classes and events... whether you want to sit in a circle or craft something great...


BeWitchy is a lifestyle brand and retail witchcraft store, amongst other things. Find here everything you need for your witchy self!  If we don't have it in stock at our store, we order in and often ship direct to you.

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Branded Products

We have many!

BeWitchy BeeWitchy soaps, candles and beauty care range available again soon! Watch this space.


Our makeup sponge is loved by all who use it!

BeWitchy Ink Tattoo Balm

Made by Madame Verveine herself this product is absolute "killer" when it comes to tattoo balms! As stated by customers, "It's the best I have ever used!".

Visit our Apothecary


Plus many more!

New Arrivals (pre-order now)

BeWitchy Coven Spell Casting

Join us now...

For $1 a day you receive up to 2 spell casts per month. The types of spell casts change each month ie 1 month you may receive a protective spell, love spell, cleansing spell and so forth... We update via email.

Each member is personally included in all spell casts. There will be options for addons for custom spell work as well. Cheaper for members of the BeWitchy Coven.

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